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sometimes things happen

This is my work journal

*Real subject. Not stock image. Sole property of Monica Torrejon


Most of the time things are going well and I feel pretty confident; I have some work that's looking good enough to put in my portfolio, I actually have work, and on occasion, if I'm REALLY lucky, I get the chance to interview for the possibility of working on a really great project (being two of my favorites types: beauty and fashion- ironically) So, when one of these types of interview comes along I put in the extra effort (which is not something I do often) to look like someone who at least makes their bed.

I was already in the train getting close to their Manhattan super corporate building (one where you could feel someone's hand in trying to artsify) when I had the feeling I was looking too plain, so I figured I needed to punch things up a bit with some lipstick. I chose a color that was somewhere in the middle of emo teenager and burlesque dancer) The train was jumping a bit, but I knew had it under control, this wasn't my first rodeo! (having had a mirror in my purse would have been helpful but the windows of the train did me just fine.)

So far so good. I'm ready and prepared as I'm ever gonna be, I got through a pretty successful interview (or so I thought),  I said all my "goodbyes", your "you'll hear from us soon", your "get ready to wear many different hats", and all the rest of the corporate phrases necessary for success, and headed back home.

After a couple of minutes of putting my things down, etc, I went into the bathroom and to my complete shock and mortification, my pulse had not been as sturdy as I thought and I had gotten through an entire sit down interview that included several individual, looking much like the Joker (either that or someone who's spent substantial time in a mental institution) *

Sometimes things happen.

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