I had tons of fun working on Dubmash' rebranding campaign creating various versions of the logo to be used in various applications:







I worked on Accenture's global rebranding campaign, including data visualization and website design.  One of the challenges lied in creating a cohesive language using some of the many colors that are part of their brand palette and applying it wisely throughout their various pieces.



We were in charge of to performing an in-depth brand discovery, defining a style and visual elements. in order to create CR7's new denim global brand and shopping experience.


We started by defining who the CR7 man is for it’s primarily male audience and based on this, come up with Initial branding, color, shape and pattern explorations, define a photography style, create a brand book/ style guide, develop social media content., and finally e-commerce site and mobile experience.


We were working with several other brand partners associated with Cristiano Ronaldo to ensure everything we created stayed on-brand and communicated his vision of inclusion and inspiration for which we came up with the hashtag #wearelimitless.


One of the biggest challenges, in addition to working with so many teams and brand partners, was that he was in Madrid at the time and we were logistically unable to shoot with him due to his busy schedule so we had to create prototypes for all the materials including the website by envisioning the photography style and content we wanted without actually having any photography in hand. The photography was shot later when his schedule allowed and plugged into all digital and print materials.


This design and style approach addressed the desired lifestyle approach of the CR7 man found during the initial discovery process using photography and branding elements.


I worked with this cancer recovery start-up in order to create a strong and recognizable brand. I created several different options with various color palettes to be used across all of their pieces.



A mobile app intended to modernize the dental referral program with a platform designed to improve networking, collaboration,

and patient care.


An Investment bank and financial advisory firm. We were asked to build the brand from the ground-up and for this, I personally collaborated with one of the partners, who was in charge of this initiative and we both decided to use the image of an eagle to highlight the brand’s most prominent attributes which were an unprecedented vision and unique perspective. For this, we came up with a stylized and very graphic representation of the eagle in the shape of the initial C of the word capital.


The colors were also chosen to represent the brand attributes, blue as the primary color which is associated with stability, confidence, and intelligence and orange as a highlight which is associated with energy, determination, and success.


We used these elements to create a full corporate identity, branded iconography, marketing and collateral materials, website, and social media content.


Service for private jet catering


Promotional video